Kmazing: BTS’ RM Should Be the Alternative President. Here The Reasons!

BTS becomes one of the best Korean entertainer and they have many fans around the world. Then, inside the BTS, there is member called RM, who is very popular. In several times ago, he got his new nickname as ‘president’. Many fans of him said that actually RM could be the alternative option of president. I am sure that it is just joke. However, there are some Kmazing reasons why RM will be suit as the new president.

Are you curious with it? Please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Capable and Experienced Leader

Inside the BTS group, RM become the leader for the other members. When he became the leader of BTS in first time, he was only 18 years old! Although he is younger than the other members, RM could handle the group in good matter. The group becomes better than before and RM guide the members having better maturity.

Put Other People First

RM is known as one of members that has social interest. He always puts other people first before him. It becomes the Kmazing and plus point of RM, which will increase his personality to be the ‘president’. When someone needs help, RM will give his hands to help them, although he needs to put himself into crowded place and minds.

Positive Role Model

The fans will look the personality of the idol when they love them. Well, RM is one of the special Korean idols that has positive role model. He is humble, wise, kind and could be the example of the teenager in facing the real life. The positive elements of RM make the fans love him much. By the well and positive characters, fans said that RM should be the next Mr. President.

Well, these are some Kmazing facts about RM. I am sure that the argument of fans to make RM as Kmazing president is only a joke. However, the joke is also reasonable.

Description: Kmazing shows that RM could be an alternative next president. It is only joke but RM actually has the good character that make him is suit as new president.

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